Meet Our Team

Our dedicated servant-leadership team includes but is not limited to:

Christopher Mantei is Associate Pastor of Iron Faith Fellowship, the President of Wings Of The Eagle, the author of "Flee To The Mountains", host of the podcast "Unsealed" and the creator of the first-of-its-kind online Bible course "The End Times For Beginners".

Christopher Anderson is a Pastor and founder of Bootcamp Ministries and author of several books including "The Haunting of America: a Demonologist’s Take on American Spirits" and "Awaken: Arise". 

Taryn is a vocalist, pianist and professional music teacher. She loves worshiping Jesus in song and is a self-described nerd for the Word, especially Israel-centric eschatology. 

Overseers: Pastor Randy Scott, Missionary Paul Mpanga, Dr Philip Lye and Timothy Gill formally of Voice of the Martyrs.

Christopher Mantei
  • Senior Pastor
Christopher Anderson
  • Assosciate Pastor, Evangelist
  • Worship Leader
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Paul Mpanga
  • Elder, Apostolic
Randy Scott
  • Elder, Pastoral
Philip Lye
  • Elder, Prophetic
Timothy Gill
  • Elder, Teaching