Welcome to Endtime.Church!
Who we are:

We are born-again disciples of Jesus Christ with 2 unique missions:
1. To be a place of Fellowship, not just locally, but for the whole world. This is an Online church with no central location. 
2. To meet the longing in so many of us: to embrace the challenges and glories of these end times before Jesus returns. 

We are here because countless Christians are greatly concerned by the lack of Biblical teaching and preparation for the end times, and general ignorance in our churches about the restoration of Israel, the reality of Islam, and Christian persecution. We are here to provide a church for those who are under threat and cannot meet safely, or have no local congregation to gather with other Believers. We are here to strengthen and encourage Pastors who hear the Spirit calling them to lead their flock though the coming storm. Are you currently seeking a church that embraces those concerns and meets those needs? Would you like to be a part of something that is spiritually ground-breaking and potentially world-changing? 

We are Christians not only from America or the West, but dozens of nations from every race, culture and background. We are inter-denominational. We vow to be STRATEGIC in every way, offering PRACTICAL steps to answer “how do I prepare”? We will ACTIVELY ready ourselves and partner with any local churches for: the coming Great Tribulation, the Antichrist, and ultimately for our King. We are the Church with the End in mind - we are the EndTime Church.